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| Last Updated:: 24 Dec 2015

Department of Education (B.Ed.)

  1. Dr. Shiv Datt Tripathi (H.O.D.)
  2. Smt. Uma Chaturvedi (Lect.)
  3. Shri Gyanendra Kumar Tripathi (Lect.)
  4. Shri Rohit Nandan Yadav (Lect.)
  5. Shri Manoj Kumar (Lect.)
  6. Shri Anshuman Kumar Pathak
  7. Shri Ramraj Pandey
  8. Shri Atul Kumar
  9. Shri Gyan Prakash
  10. Shri Manoj Kumar Verma
  11. Shri Mohan Kumar Mishra
  12. Shri Virendra Kumar Kushwaha

Department of Arts (B.A.)

  1. Dr. Balram Agnihotri (Lect. Economics)
  2. Dr. Jyotika Awasthi (Lect. Economics)
  3. Shri Manoj Kumar(Lect. Economics)
  4. Dr. Suman Singh Kushwaha (Lect. Education)
  5. Seema Kumari  (Lect. Education)
  6. Shri Nitesh Kumar Agrahari (Lect. Education)
  7. Dr. Sneh Pandey (Lect. Education)
  8. Dr. Arohi Sareen  (Lect. English)
  9. Dr. Abha Shukla (Lect. Geography)
  10. Shri Ramakant Dwivedi (Lect. Geography)
  11. Shri Ashwani Kumar Awasthi (Lect. Geography)
  12. Dr. Bippu Rajak (Lect. Hindi)
  13. Dr. Manju Tiwari  (Lect. Hindi)
  14. Shri Ramesh Prasad (Lect. Hindi)
  15. Dr. Vandana Tamrakar (Lect. Hindi)
  16. Dr. Virendra Kumar Verma (Lect. Hindi)
  17. Smt. Monika Gupta (Lect. History)
  18. Shri Shivkant Tripathi (Lect. History)
  19. Dr. Neeti Singh (Lect. Math)
  20. Dr, Rajesh Kumar (Lect. Political Science)
  21. Dr. Abha Pandey (Lect. Political Science)
  22. Dr. Rohit jatav (Lect. Political Science)
  23. Dr. Poonam Mishra (Lect. Political Science)
  24. Dr. Shalini Mishra  (Lect. Sanskrit)
  25. Shri Dinesh Kumar Patel (Lect. Sanskrit)
  26. Shri Sanjay Ram Tripathi (Lect. Sanskrit)
  27. Dr. Smrati Purwar  (Lect. Sociology)
  28. Shri Saba Yunush (Lect. Sociology)
  29. Shri Atrimuni Tripathi (Lect. Sociology)
  30. Dr. Saroj Raizada (Lect. Sociology)

Department of Science :

  1. Dr. Santosh Kumar Pandey (Lect. Botany)
  2. Shri Subodh Kumar Sahu (Lect. Botany)
  3. Dr. Lakhan Lal Kushwaha (Lect. Botany)
  4. Dr. Arpana Mishra (Lect. Botany)
  5. Dr. Seema Tripathi (Lect. Chemistry)
  6. Dr. Mahima Srivastava (Lect. Chemistry)
  7. Dr. Praveen Kumar Mishra (Lect. Chemistry)
  8. Smt. Roji Jahan (Lect. Chemistry)
  9. Km. Pratibha Gupta (Lect. Chemistry)
  10. Km. Pooja Singh Gautam (Lect. Chemistry)
  11. Dr. Tripti Bisaria (Lect. Chemistry)
  12. Dr. Shilpi Saxena (Lect. Math)
  13. Dr. Rahul Dwivedi (Lect. Math)
  14. Dr. Om Prakash Gupta (Lect.Physics)
  15. Dr. Anil Kumar Vajpai (Lect.Physics)
  16. Dr. Sanjeev Jauhari (Lect.Physics)
  17. Shri Abhay Saxena (Lect.Physics)
  18. Dr. Anupam Dubey (Lect.Zoology)
  19. Dr. Rajesh Kumar Yadav (Lect. Zoology)
  20. Shri Chandra Saurabh (Lect. Zoology)
  21. Dr. Sunit Kumar Saxena (Lect. Zoology)
  22. Dr. Mahesh Pratap Singh (Lect. Zoology)